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COLORING SET - Practice Fire Safety (Spanish) Coloring Book Fun Pack

COLORING SET - Practice Fire Safety (Spanish) Coloring Book Fun Pack

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This is the Spanish version of the “Practice Fire Safety” coloring book fun pack.

Coloring Book and Crayon Set: A Fun Pack! Make it Easy with the coloring book conveniently packaged with a 4-pack of crayons in a sealed poly bag. No assembly required.

Fire Safety is a critical lesson for everyone to learn, even children. Every year countless fires could be prevented by following some helpful tips. With this Practice Fire Safety coloring and activity book, children learn valuable information on smoke detectors, and how dangerous fire can be. The book features a full color cover and 16 pages of coloring, games and puzzles. Spanish language version. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Book is ideal for Fire Departments, Insurance Agents, Banks, Schools, Day care centers and more.

Weight: 20 Pounds per 150

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